Rustic Blood Orange Marmalade

by Ginny on February 16, 2011

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Okay, so I know Valentine’s Day is over, and thankfully for some, but I have one more sweetheart treat to share with you before the conversation hearts are all gone.

You may roll your eyes when I tell you that this was yet another delight inspired by Noah, but what can I say? He is my muse. Deal with it ; )

Noah is a marmalade man, and last fall I decided that I was going to make a batch for him, and also for my mom who won’t stop begging me to make this yellow tomato marmalade I made once, years ago, when I lived in Seattle and had easier access to stuff like cases of yellow tomatoes. I’m thinking of planting some in the garden this year, but that’s a long way off, so for now, it’s citrus time.

“I want to make you some marmalade this winter,” I told Noah, “When the citrus comes in.”

We were sitting at the kitchen counter, eating homemade english muffins from the farmers’ market, which we had developed quite an addiction to. Mine was smeared with sweet-tart Chokecherry Jam (also from the farmers’ market), and Noah’s was spread with some store-bought orange marmalade.

“Homemade marmalade sounds awesome,” he said. “What kind?”

Hmmm….good question. Since this would be a Noah-inspired marmalade should I use his favorite Minneola Tangelos for some Tangelade? What about those little mandarins for some Mandalade? Or those sweet little clementines might make a beautiful batch of Clemelade? Then, it came to me….(drumroll) BLOOD ORANGES! Ooooh the color: a ruby colored gel flecked with a rosy orange confetti of rind. I could already taste it: sweet, tart, and just a hint of bitter.

“I’ll make Blooderade!” I announced to Noah over our english muffins.

“Sounds like a vampire sports drink,” he quipped, adding the slogan: “Just bite it.”

I never tire of that razor sharp wit. This is a man I would make marmalade for.

So it was done, and the best part is, my editor at Nourish Network loved the idea, and hired me to write this how-to piece on marmalade, including a recipe for Rustic Blood Orange Marmalade. Blood oranges are in season for another month or two, so you’ve got plenty of time to put up some jars for your own pantry. The result? We’ve been emptying some jars of the stuff: radiant orange (sadly, the red hue disappeared as soon as the mixture was heated), bittersweet and lively, teeming with tender bits of orange peel. I just hope we’ve got a jar around when the farmers’ market starts up again, and we can score some more of those homemade english muffins.

Want to try this recipe but can’t find blood oranges in your local market? Check out the website for La Vigne Organics. They grow high-quality organic citrus in Fallbrook, California and will ship organic blood oranges right to your door :  )

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Helene Beck February 18, 2011 at 9:32 am

You do very nice work. I could eat it right off the computer picture!!! Everything you said was not only humorous but possible. If you sell the marmalade, I would love to buy some. Because we grow blood oranges for consumption, we are proud of your efforts as so few people are working with this fruit. Take a look at our website and see some of the Biodynamic and Organic fruits that we grow. Again…kudos for your efforts.


Ginny February 21, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Thanks Helene! I was hoping to find a great mail-order option for organic blood oranges so I’m glad you contacted me. You come highly reccommended by my friend Cindy. I will keep you in mind for getting hard-to-find organics (like persimmons) to Montana. I also hear you make a mean Kumquat marmalade : )


Alison Ashton April 10, 2011 at 12:19 pm

I’m so glad you mentioned this marmalade, Ginny! (And shared some with me!) It’s delicious!


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