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by Ginny on April 27, 2011

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If you host a lot of dinner parties or family-style dinners, you know how helpful it can be to have apps or desserts that are delicious and ready to serve right from the store. Zero prep, but with a solid wow-factor. That’s why– with wafts of grill smoke beginning to fill the spring air– you need to know about Ruby Jewels.

When I told Good Food Store cooking school director, Emily Seitz, that I was pregnant, she said, “Follow me,” and proceeded to take me on an insiders tour of the ice cream aisle.

I had just taught my first cooking class, and was ready to put my feet up in a serious way.

“These are the moments where I used to go home and have a glass of red wine on the couch,” I told her. “Now, I eat ice cream.”

I was very grateful to have some new recommendations, since I’ve eaten more ice cream in the last few months than I have in the last 5 years combined. I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth before lil’ bun came to be in my oven, so I’m seriously out of the loop. Come to think of it, my last big ice cream days were pre-high school graduation, when Ben and Jerry’s was owned solely by a dude named Ben and a dude named Jerry. But anyway… back to the Ruby Jewels.

So there’s this shelf in the ice cream section lined up with about half a dozen flavors of ice cream sandwiches, individually wrapped.

Double Chocolate Cookie with Peanut Butter

Dark Chocolate Cookie with Fresh Mint

Lemon Cookie with Honey Lavender

“The Chub”- Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Bean

Cinnamon Chocolate Cookie with Espresso

and seasonal flavor: Ginger Cookie with Pumpkin

“I feel like these are a real undiscovered treasure,” Emily told me. “They’re super soft and rich, so you might want to cut it into halves or even quarters, but wow, they’re great.” 

 I notice they’re more than $3 a piece, but they’re big and the ingredient list is a handful of pronounceable food items, like Rbst-free fresh cream. Handmade, the wrapper says, in Portland, OR. I like that. Good things come from Portland.

“I have a friend from Portland,” Emily said, “who knew these guys before they went big, They started selling their ice cream sandwiches at farmers’ markets. She said they were unbelievable.”

According to their website, they still do sell their ice cream sammies at farmers markets, and they have a scoop shop on super-hip Mississippi Avenue. I grabbed a Chocolate Mint and headed home. By the time I arrived, the sandwich had softened perfectly. This is the hardest part about eating ice cream sandwiches– waiting for them to soften. I cut the circle in half  and noticed right away how tender the chocolate cookie was and how super soft the ice cream inside was.  They had a definite handmade quality, with a little wavy edge on the ice cream like someone had pumped a tower of soft serve onto one cookie and then pressed the other cookie on top until the ice cream oozed right to the edges.

I gave half to hubs and put my feet up with the other half and ….

HAAAAAAlelujah!!!! Haaaaaaa-Le-Lu-Jah! Hallelujah– Hallelujah– Ha-LayAAAY-loo-Ya!

Do you hear it?! The angels singing on high?! This ice cream sandwich was insane!!! The best I have ever eaten in my life. The cookie was perfectly soft, but not at all mushy, as if it had come out of the oven, that very day. It was studded with the occasional fat dark chocolate chip, but not too many. Just enough. The cookie married perfectly with the ice cream inside which was like no ice cream I had ever tasted. There’s a big difference between handmade ice cream infused with fresh organic mint, and the other stuff full of artificial flavoring. It was clean, and soft, and somehow impossibly creamy and smooth, like a silk sheet blowing in the summer breeze.

If you’re starting to wonder where you can find them, their website has this handy dandy page where you can click on your state and it will list all the stores that carry them. So far, they cover the entire Western U.S. and Hawaii.

Since my first encounter it’s been hard to stray from my beloved Chocolate Mint, but having branched out into other flavors, like Chocolate Peanut Butter, or the surprisingly transcendent Lemon Cookie with Honey Lavender, it’s clear you can’t go wrong.

Whoever came up with these ice cream sandwiches was very thoughtful about them. How many trials must they have gone through to come up with something this divine? The attention to detail, like the way the cookie gives way to the ice cream in perfect textural harmony, simply cannot have been an accident. And knowing that they use pure, local ingredients, and are a sustainable and socially responsible company just puts a halo over these little ice cream angels.

Yep. You gotta try these. They’re special enough to serve your guests for dessert, and they’ll thank you for introducing them to one of the best old-fashioned delights of summer. Buy one of each flavor, cut them into quarters, and put together a sampling platter. Then watch and observe as your friends and family go completely ape-wire.

From top to bottom: Lemon Cookie with Honey Lavender Ice Cream, Dark Chocolate Cookie with Fresh Mint Ice Cream, and Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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kate April 27, 2011 at 5:52 pm

okay, I live in Michigan. I’m pretty sure this post is cruel and unusual punishment;)


Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks May 1, 2011 at 8:21 pm

We’re ice cream glutons in our house. I’ll be on the lookout but doubt I’ll find in Colorado.


Nina January 23, 2014 at 7:37 pm

The lemon honey lavender one seriously tastes like Fruit Loops cereal. I wish I was kidding. Soooooooooooo gooooooooooooood……


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