Announcing the GRAND OPENING of The Sunday Dinner Revival Store!

by Ginny on June 18, 2011

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Hello dear friends and family of The Sunday Dinner Revival,

I’m excited to announce that the new SDR Store is up and running, featuring the cookbooks, kitchen tools, and ingredients you’ve heard me mention in my posts. Just click on the STORE button (in the menu bar above), anytime you like. If you’ve ever wished you had a featured cookbook on your shelf, or a way to find the Italian Butter of Parma that I sang of in my last post, you now have a direct line connecting your SDR yearnings to your own kitchen. As a bonus, if you like what I do here, shopping through this super-safe Amazon-powered store is a great way to support The Sunday Dinner Revival, as every purchase generates a tiny bit of income for SDR. That means more stories, recipes, and inspiration for you.  So take a peep, have a browse, keep visiting as I regularly add merchandise, and most of all, enjoy!

Thanks for being a most valuable part of the SDR community.

Savor Life!


P.S. Check out the “Cooking Tools” section to see the coolest toaster ever. It poaches an egg while your english muffin is toasting!

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